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A nice reply



Yesterday I received an email from my manager confirming that she had received my resignation and that she was saddened to hear our present circumstances. They are waiving my months notice which is good, one less thing to worry aout. It was a very nice email and I am glad to have parted company on good terms. I really enjoyed working there and made some lovely friends, a couple of whom I still keep in contact with. I do feel a sense of relief that this is one area of my life where I can now think towards the future and start afresh. I have now started to fill in the bankruptcy forms, they are very long and require alot of detail but it suddenly feels right - finally we seem to be moving forward and hopefully heading towards a clean slate. I alwasy prefer to be proactive in my life which has been a great benefit in coping with this disease so I feel the only way to deal with stress is to face it head on in order to get on with the next struggle ahead. Some things turn out to be less worriesome than others. You get anxious inside and build up a whole host of scenarios, then when it comes down to the crunch things never seem to turn out how bad that you think they will, do they! Silly really.


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