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A slight improvement



I have increased my hydrocortisone back up to 15mg (10mg in the morning and 5mg midday) and in two days I have to admit I have more energy. I am not so exhausted, I am still tired but not to the point that I feel I could sleep there and then. I have come to the point where I think I have to stop pushing myself beyond what my body is ready for. I think I need to give it a bit more time before I start to wean again. I am still interested in whether the low thyroid is playing a big part in some of my continuing symptoms, it has to be. My diabetes is controlled so I don't have concerns there, but the thyroid is still low. I watched an incredible dramatisation on TV last night about a woman who had a car crash and was paralysed from the waist down. It focused on the dramatic transformation of her life and the effect on her loved ones and her time in hospital and the relationships she built there. I could relate so much to what she was experiencing and the role her husband played and his feelings brought alot of things home. It makes me quite proud on what we have achieved as a family - knowing that we survived the hardest bit and are moving towards what I hope to be a more positive and happier future together.Last night was also great because I finally got to speak to Liz (Liz007) on the phone. We have been email buddies for a while and I know I am totally useless calling people - my phone line has needed fixing for yonks but also with all the financial problems I get anxious about phone calls so I prefer to email, but it was so nice to finally get in touch. She has been such a brave lady lately and has had to endure alot but she sounds in good spirits and it always amazes me the strength that us cushies manage to pull from somewhere. We are real fighters. Anyway best go and collect Harry from nursery. Steve is still off ill from work so we have been very sad this morning and watched Jerry Springer - god watching that show makes us feel like we are living the dream...lol!! Where do they find those people?!!Had a lovely email from Cheryl F today wishing me a happy 1st Anniversary for my pit surgery. We share our first anniversaries a few weeks apart and both agree that the last year has passed very quickly indeed. If I reflect on what I was doing a year ago, I really cannot believe that I am sitting here now, quite easily typing away and feeling FAB!!! In a year I have got stronger, the fog in my head has cleared although it still comes back some days its not as bad and I get a full nights sleep! I just can't believe that something as small as my 1cm tumour did all that damage. I also thank my lucky stars that MaryO was born as I truly believe if this site had not been my saving grace then I would not be here today.


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