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Park life



Went to the park today - need to start getting out more and walking so ended up going into town and then took Harry to the park. It is a lovely park but notorious for drunks and drug users - when we went down th epark a week ago we overheard a young couple say they had spotted used needles in the public toilet. Harry and I passed a young couple today who were obviously drunk and it was only 10:30am - makes me so angry that Tony Blair wants to increase drinking hours to 24hrs. I love taking Harry to the park but this sort of thing shouldn't be taking place where children play (or anywhere else public). I have to check the play equipment before Harry gets on it or check for broken glass. It just seems so sad that this sort of thing is commonplace these days - I never thought I'd ever repeat the things my Mum used to say, but its so true, it never happened when I was young.


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