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Friday, 23rd September 2005



Thank god its Friday...although lack of money has dictated that I have to do yet another car boot sale on Sunday...gggrrrrrr...just priced up the last of my stuff - hope to make enough for the week and to pay a bit towards the lorry for our move. Steve and I both agreed that we are now desperate to get moving - we are both going stir crazy and need to finally say goodbye to the stress and move on to new and better things...here's hoping. Had a letter through yesterday about my next MRI appointment which is on January 19th 2006. I wrote to my endo yesterday and asked tons of questions in the interim that I am concerned about - hoping he will respond. Also wrote to my step-sister so I'll keep you posted on how that develops too. Woke up this morning more positive then ever about changing my future - I am sick and tired of negative things happening in my life, I need to start thinking proactively and maek something happen.


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