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Weekend Again



I had a really hard day today, most of it in pain. My back, hip, stomach, ribsand my feet. I just took the day one hour at a time. If I could make it through an hour. I promised myself that just one more hour and then I would go home. Made it through 6 hours today doing that. When my supervisor came through and said anyone who wanted to go could, I was the first one out the door. What a way to end the week. Monday through Thursday was pretty good so I shouldn't complain. Springsteen is coming to Atlanta. His show is on July 23, I get back late from NIH on the 22. I don't think I would be able to make it on the train to go downtown and stand in line to get in, and then stand for the concert. I can't even sweep the kitchen without taking a break. This will be the first Boss' concert that I've missed since the "Born in the USA" tour. My sister had another seizure last night. Her time is getting closer. It kills me to see her suffering like she is.


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