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Here I go into the blogosphere. My name is Jack and I am a forty-three year old Amer-asian male. I have two girls, Hannah is nine, Olivia is two. I have been married to a wonderful lady named Kookie for five years.I had my first pit op June 1st 2000. I had a recurrence and a second op Jan 2005 which resulted in a pit removal. I take Synthroid, Hydrocortisone, Androgel, DDVAP, and HGH every day. I still struggle every day with my recovery.As the result of my first op I was medically retired. Kookie and I married then and I ended up as a stay at home dad, which I have done since.Thats enough background for now. My life is full of kids, homework, gymnastics, horseback riding, YMCA, and housework. I bet all you stay at home moms can identify with me real quick. Unlike all of you I go to a sports bar and watch my beloved Cowboys on Sunday. So long for now the baby is asleep and I need a shower.


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Hi Jack,


Its lovely to see someone else trying out the blogging...me and Adrienne were feeling very alone! You have a very beautiful family...you must be extremely proud. I think its fantastic that you are a stay at home Dad and are obviously providing a very stimulating environment for your children - that's the hardest thing I found, being in recovery, that I had little energy to take Harry out and participate in activities. he is 4yrs old and I just sometimes feel that I am hindering him. As time goes on and I feel better, we are doing more things though. I still haven't got him a place at pre-school so hope that will happen in the New Year. He will enter full-time education in September 2006. Steve, my husband and I take him to a beautiful forest we have locally which is part of our National Trust so he is very much in touch with nature and we do alot of creative things at home. I also got an allotment recently, which is a rented patch of land that the community can grow fruit and vegetables on, so he is having fun digging....keep up with the blog..its good fun!


Take care,



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