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Still on the dex...



Went into the hospital this morning to have bloods taken and hand in the 24hr UFC's - Carol, my nurse said I bet I was sick of doing tests again...yes, I am...its just a pain in the you know what and I just didn't expect to be doing them again a year after surgery. We also shook our heads that they didn't call me in for a blood draw on day one as a baseline. Probably another set of tests to be done in the future I guess. So I am now on the 4 a day dex...9am, 3pm, 9pm, 3am - will be sleeping on the couch for the next 2 days with an alarm clock ready to go off at 3am - what joy!Got a couple of Christmas presents today, some aftershave for Steve and perfume for Mum - 2 presents from Harry to them, so he can help to wrap them up in a bit. They aren't expecting them so that will be a nice surprise.I need to get in contact with the University and find out about when I will get my bursary - Steve may have to take time off so that we can get organised - pay for th childcare and we need to get a cheap runaround car. So much expense..its really stressing me out - I think I will be getting the bus into Uni too - its cheaper. I just want everything to sort itself out so I can just get on with it and start enjoying life.


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