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January 2nd 2006



7:47am - Up early again as usual, been up for a while...everyone else is in bed. Last day everyone is home and so I think they're making the most of it. Tomorrow we are all starting on our healthy eating and exercise plans - Steve will be cycling to work again..I have 12 days to try and shift a few pounds and get this back to feeling a lot less stiffer than it is...its a pain in the morning...literally.Its Bank Holiday here in England today in lieu of the 1st...not sure what we're doing to day...might go down to the allottment if I can muster up the energy after all that gammon yesterday...!! Still lots left to eat, running out of ideas what to do with gammon though!!8:35pm - in a funny old mood tonight...feeling a bit down...feeling a bit out of sorts...I was getting really irritable with everyone today...Harry has been whining, Steve has been doing nothing but playing his Internet game and Mum spends all day in her bedroom...I had just had enough...so I told Steve to take Harry to the park and get out and get some fresh air...of course then Mum comes down when they're out and this really gets on my nerves as I start to think, well is she staying in her room because of the boys...drives me mad...took down the decorations in frustration (yes, Cheryl, I know I said about 12th night but I lost all my Christmas spirit today)...I really don;t know what is wrong with me right now - I am feeling incredibly hemmed in and frustrated with everyone. Hope this isn't the start of things to come for 2006...


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