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Getting ready...



OK, been out down the library this morning to pick up my nursing books and went off to have my Hep B antigen test. Blood flowed freely from the only point in my arm that allows them to take blood!! I don't bother with them looking for a spot now - I just point to where they can get it and then it saves a whole bunch of time faffing around!I spent yesterday moving a whole load of furniture, trying to make space in the house as it was a bit like a furniture shop, dodging bits of furniture to get up the stairs. It is much better now, but boy I am feeling it...carrying the YV and moving both the unit and the TV together gave me head strain...can you get head strain, well if you can - I got it! Harry was in a mood last night and being a real pain in the backside...scaring Alfie the cat and generally being a typical boy! Fortunately reverted back to my son again this morning. I'm still feeling a bit funny...lots of things swirling around in my head...still lots to sort out with the house, the bankruptcy still to do - god knows when we are going to get the money together and at this rate our house will be repossessed, still haven't received the bursary application through so no doubt I won't get that till February and now I find out I may not be entitled to the full childcare allowance. Then to top it all Steve and I are still arguing all the time, living at Mums is putting a big strain on our marriage, Mum constantly nags and it is getting beyond a joke now as most of her comments are unfounded and just for the sake of it...she tells me something about Steve annoying her and then it gets my back up, I tell Steve and it gets his back up and its a vicious circle...I am just getting tired of it now and now remember why I moved out in the first place. I just want some peace...still no news about all my tests - this is crazy...I just haven't got a clue what is going on with my health. I have energy back, I am able to do things like move furniture but suffer afterwards but physically I still retain some cushings features. I have posted a new photo of me on the members gallery - what do you think...? I wonder if when I go to Uni and Harry is at school we might all be less on edge as we will all have our own things to do...I don't know...I am very tired with all this right now. I hate arguing and have always been very passive but living here is like treading on egg shells and I am getting exhausted trying not to crack any!!


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