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Not feeling great



I have been getting terrible tension in my head. Feels like someone has put my head in a vice but it doesn't hurt - it is just alot of pressure and numbing. The inside of my left nostril is incredibly sore too. Been getting the shakes a bit - think I am overdoing it a bit. Went into town yesterday as thought I should get out a bit, just to the library, bank and a couple of shops - it killed me. I was so physically exhausted when i got back I thought I was going to collapse. I keep getting worked up very quickly too...my heart races and I have been getting a few chest pains, tightness in my chest, I start to sweat all over and my head goes into a spin and I feel as if I am going to fall over, my vision becomes patchy too.With it being a year and a half since my first surgery I am having real trouble in remembering what I felt like post-op. I remember being tired but not as tired. I had to care for Harry full-time straight away the first time round and I remember resting alot but he was at the age where he would rest with me quite happily. Looking after him full time now, that's not the case, he wants to play all the time and is into everything (he is 4 and a half). Everyone knows I am tired but I don't think they 'get it'. They say, try and rest up but that's very difficult with a child of Harry's age. The old joints are starting to hurt too with my muscles aching so much. What makes me laugh is I felt so much better BEFORE surgery!!!!Steve and I have mended our differences. We all went out on Saturday and it was lovely, really relaxing. Went to a garden centre that had a big park area for Harry, has a small zoo and a mini train and he loved it - freezing cold and we had ice-cream - and it was great!! We are planning to go to a wildlife park on Saturday. Hope we keep this up, its going to knacker me but it is nice to be a 'family' again.Just need to get my head into gear and try and get back on track with paperwork - we are late in registering Harry for school in September so hope he gets a place. We didn't receive any info. from the local authority and just by chance I decided to check their web site and found out the closing date was 28th Feb. - when I had my surgery - Great!! So our application has to go to a late committee - what the blazes that is, I don't know!!I am so behind with paperwork, phone calls, letters, and contacting people - can't seem to get my head in gear or focused. Steve has given up going shopping with me or asking me to make decisions as I cannot do it...I just sit there and stare in space and then say 'I don't mind, whatever'...hope this mends itself soon as I am getting annoyed with myself.I am also having a few temper tantrums, mood swings are starting and I hate it. Totally unprovoked, I just fly off the handle - it feels like over tiredness though.Well that's my update!


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