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I went to the hospital yesterday for a follow up appointment. It went well. Ok, well is an exaggeration, but at least she didn't tell me I was stupid, or call me a liar. Sure, she implied it, but that's progress!!

They are now leaning towards PCOS, with no grounding for it whatsoever, except the weight gain. My periods are normal, I have no unusual hair growth, and I have roughly 20 symptoms that aren't explained by PCOS, but hey, it's more common, and the treatment is simpler, so let's pretend that's what it is.

She says I can do another UFC, if only to rule Cushing's out and put my mind at ease. That's so kind of her. She will allow me to pee in a jug for a day! I am so happy. Sorry, do I sound bitter? It's because I am. I hate doctors, and their stupidity and their inability to see what is staring them in the face.

The one good thing that came out of the appointment (apart from the jug and her kind permission to pee in it) was the fact that there was a medical student sitting in on the appointment. If the rumours are true, and they do get virtually no training on Cushing's, then I just drastically increased his exposure to it, and maybe one day, when someone like me walks through his door, he'll remember that conversation and say "it's probably PCOS, but maybe we should do a UFC just to be safe."


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