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Camping fever...



Well, it's official - I am a closet camper...I will receive my first tent tomorrow along with all the camping accessories and we will be off on our first camping trip in the coming weeks. I feel I am on the first step and will aspire to a caravan before too long...


Steve will be home soon and will be dragging me out for another bike ride. I am becoming a glutton for punishment...please assure me that I am not losing my sanity :D:D

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Hey Diane,

I love to camp and fish also,I hope you have a good time.

And as far as those bike rides,God Be With You,LOL

Love Ya,



P.S. I hope you get a Big Tent,LOL,LOL :)



Thanks Jackie - you'll have to give me some tips!!! Steve and I are going to test run the tent today to see if we can put it up!!! The instructions could be in Japanese for all I understand them but Steve has camped before so I am relying on his knowledge!!


I have a 6 berth tent...and that's just for me...LOL! :):)


Out on the bike again this weekend. I got a bargain from e-bay as I thought I better get a cheap one just in case I don't get on with cycling - but it has been liberating - I can't cycle huge distances as my legs burn so much but I am weaning right now so that doesn't help - but I must say, it is fun!






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