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October 6,2006



Hi all,

YESSSSS! Another long weekend!!!! Not to mention payday! My honey made out well with his procedure and the Dr. thinks it was just a benign polyp! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! He was quite uncomfortable the 1st 24 hrs. but it got better.


Tomorrow Hubbie and son are going to visit colleges. One in Boston and two in Rhode Island. I am not going due to two reasons. The furry kids need to be taken care of and frankly I just can do all that walking, it'll kill my body and then I'll be USELESS for two or three days! I told Nick if he likes one of them and wants to go back, I'll go with them then.


Just got back from doing my Mom's hair. She is soooooo appreciative and so is my Dad, but I TRULY enjoy doing it. My parent's are soooo special and I thank God that we still have them with us. We will take every day that we can talk to them and visit with them. They'll be going away next week to their refuge in Maine. After all that they've been through over the last month, I pray that it'll be a very nice week and relaxing.


Got to go to bed now, it's calling.... :D


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