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I Dropped My Basket...



It's not everyday that one admits that one has "problems"....but when problems arise in my life, they all come at once. I stopped taking my anti-depression med. because my PCP thought it would interfere with my potential Cushing's diagnosis...BIG MISTAKE! I found out the hard way what happens when you stop taking a medication that keeps you "even keel" as far as emotional stability goes. I had a meltdown....and it was the worst one I've ever experienced. But prior to stopping this medication, my PCP evaluated me and determined that I am not depressed as he originally thought......I'm "rapid cycle bipolar"....No wonder I have "Highs" and "Lows".....but instead of treating the "bipolar issue"...he left me "medless"...it didn't take long for the results to manifest.


So....I went to see a Psychiatrist who decieded that I needed not one, not two, or three, but 4 different types of meds....After consulting with my PCP, it was determined that if I took all four meds like the "Shrink" had advised, I would be in a perpetual Coma....Great, Just what I need....Well...at least I'm back to taking only one type of med....Lets hope it works.apathetic.gif


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