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A Man



They all say that when I find the right man, he will make me love myself but that's bull***. I don't need that I've HAD that. I've never BEEN with a man who didn't think I was fun and sexy and more. Well, not really. It isn't someone programming me with unacceptance for cushing's so much as it is me thinking, way and I mean WAY deep down, that why should anyone bother??? AND to further beat this horse I have to say it's been on my mind a lot. A LOT.But why would a healthy man want to put up with this and all the medical problems that I deal with on a daily basis? it isn't enough to say he would love me for me, in spite of cushings. It can't be like that. I think he would SERIOUSLY have to WANT to take care of someone who is ill and otherwise down. That isn't a bad thing I have been thus always wanting to GIVE. I've always chosen those who were ill or otherwise ***ed up to assuage my own desire to take care of someone. This time... I don't see that. And I think it's probably a good thing. Hasn't worked for me in the past lol


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