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Hello, what are you doing here?



Hey everyone,


I thought I would tell you this funny thing that happened to me and my mom the other day.

My mom and I were watching American Idol. She was on the computer listening to the people sing and I had my butt planted on the couch. Our apartment is small, its a one bedroom, small kitchen and big living room kind of place. So you can see the front door from where ever you are. So were sitting there like usual and our front door opens. We both spin around. My mom says, "Helllooooo?"

Then a tall guy in a bright orange jakcet steps back and stands there.

They are staring at wach other when he shook his head and said "Sorry I thought I was on the third floor."

Then he just leaves me and my mom staring at each othere still trying to figure out what happened. Now we laugh really hard because I wonder what the guy thought. "Why are there flowers in th hallway. TINKERBELL BATHROOM? What happened to my man bathroom." lol. I cant imgine.


Well I should be off to bed since its like 12:21 am where I am.

Talk you alll later. =]


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