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what I remember 2



More re-cap on my mom's posts


What she said:

Hi Friends,


I talked to Claudette's endo today. She says she is very concerned and has questions out there to many other docs. She said that this so rare that she is getting all the info she can. I am supposed to up the prednisone to 2 times a day. 7.5 mg in the morning and 5 mg at night. I hope she kept the morning dose down because she has gotten sick several times today. I think that the Vicodin is messing with her bowls. I understand it can do that. She has back pain and now headaches that Tylenol does not work on. Also the Vicodin calms her down. But she will only take it every other day. She gets worried about it because her friend?s mother is on methadone treatment for pain meds. She feels like a hypocrite because she is the one who pushed her friend to get her mother to treatment. It freaks her out that does make you feel better. So maybe all of this stress is messing with her head a bit.

She had a massage today. She came out with a smile. The endo says she will write a letter for the insurance for massages. She thinks that could help. The endo says that Claudette?s body has been through so much. It is hard to tell what she needs right now.

Her adrenaline before surgery was more than 10 times the amount needed. I asked her how much Prednisone is a normal level for someone. She said that even 10mg was a high amount for anyone. She that a person would not have that much adrenaline (steroids) running through them at normal levels. I hope that is correct and that her answer helps other people who have questions. Please correct me if this is not accurate.

Another explanation she gave was about the tumor. She said everything they cut away was a tumor and it was squishing the pituitary until all that was in the space was mostly tumor that was 5 time the size of a normal gland. They are hoping that the tiny piece that was left is the squished gland. Not that it will grow back to the normal size or anything. I asked about the yellow cells the Nero spoke of. She answer hesitantly that this was an aggressive tumor and what they are watching is if it is growing back. She said that it could happen and happen as quickly as this one grew. Has anyone one out there had an aggressive tumor? Has anyone had the tumor grow back?

Claudette had fun on the 4th with her cousins. She loves the loud popping noise and the colors of fireworks. We made a flag jell-o mold. It had red white and blue layers. It was yummy. Blueberry, lemon (with cool whip), and cherry, decorated with whip cream and blueberries. It was real pretty, but she wouldn?t taste it even though everyone said it was the bomb. (She?s a picky eater)

She slept all day yesterday because she was exhausted from having too much fun. Her back was especially hurting. She forgot all about feeling weak and she jumped up to run after her cousin who was teasing her and she fell right over. Her brain is ready to go!! She?s back to searching EBay for Tinkerbelle stuff. She and her friends love Tinkerbelle. They try to out do each other with the best discoveries. Her favorite saying from Tink is ?Believe?. She is listening to her CD?s again. She likes Hillary Duff because so far she has remained respectable. She likes a lot of older music (older for her). She wants me to bring my record player back out so she can listen to my records like she used too. This going to be a long summer because she is not away at her camps. I really hate that I have to go for work and leave her on her own. But I call her several times a day.

She has gotten a lot of Sudoku puzzles done.

The endo said that Claudette was low in potassium and get some in her. I have some in pill form, but I got Gatorade to see if she can get that down. I am worried about the salt in it though. Does anyone one know of something that will help? She does not like bananas. Right now real food is not stay down to well. I?m looking for a tasty vitamin drink. Let me know, Thanks.



What I rememeber:

I guess I dont rememeber much about the first part. But I do remember the fireworks and the Jell-o. I also rememeber falling. It was actually pretty funny. We had brought my then new scooter to my grandparents house. My cousins and I were playing with it. We had drove it down to the back where a mul-berry tree is. We all walked over there to eat some. Then all of a sudden all three of us looked at the scooter and started running toward to get to it before the othere did. of course I was behind. The next thing I know is that I see green(grass) then blue(sky). Everyyone ran up to me asking are you okay? I just answered laughing really hard. Thats me, not showing how I feel. When I was little and I fell down the stairs I would laugh and ask if I could do it again beasue it was fun. Then I would go to the top and fall on purpose. hahahah GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES. =]

I dont rememeber listening to CDs or sleeping a lot. I just rememeber the days went by so fast because all I did was watch Tv and....sleep. okay maybe I do rememeber sleeping a little more then I use too.


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