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Feb 17, 2010



Well so far so good I think. I did notice something special today! From the cushings I had a very red neck and chest, like a v-shape, before I knew it was cushings I thought it was a sunburn.

Well guess what!!! It's gone! My skin is all the same color now. I was so shocked and happy. Yes I know it is one little symptom of cushings but its gone. :)

I have lots of pains in my muscles in my chest, from coughing and possibly picking up stuff I should not. But I had this prior to surgery but its worse now. Feels that no matter what I pick up I pull those muscles. I know in time that will get better also.

I plan on going back to work March 1st, and hope that I will be able to without a problem.

It was a week ago Tuesday I had my surgery and now I can say I think everyday is getting better. Like I have said before, I do not have much patience with myself, but I am trying to learn :)

No more cushings! Thats the main thing and I sure everyday things will be better and better!


Just wanted to share this with everyone :)


Renata :)


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