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The ups and downs...



Oh the joys! Just got a letter from my Endo saying 'we will review you in next clinic'. My first Dex test she said was boarder line at cortisol level 50.. but my last one they have put 'perfectly normal with a cortisol level of less than 18'. So it would seem we are back to the drawing board and I have to wait til the 31st May to speak to anyone again to see what can happen next!


Well, decided I am going to put my thoughts in a letter to see if at least I can stop them from saying "we are not going to test any more.." which I know my Doc said she would not stop testing till they found something, if not Cushings then something else... but its my biggest feat that they will turn tail and say "you are just you, so get back to slimming world!"


le sigh! :)


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