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Interview, exercise....



Finally decided to pull out my cross trainer and drag out the stepper. I was thinking of selling the cross trainer but having had a go of it this morning I am opting against it. As I am on cholestoral lowering drugs right now and I have had a few things with my heart that I am not happy with it is finally time to start some 'serious' exercising. I have been good in the sense that I am always moving about and I so quite heavy gardening work as our garden is high maintenance and chasing a 4 year old around deserves alot of energy but I haven't done any real resistance exercising or real constant cardio work. I was surprised at just how much muscle I must have built up since surgery. Pre-surgery, it was non-existent and I felt so weak and the muscles felt like they had wasted away so much it was scary. Now I feel like my body is ready to start changing it and building up the muscle further and finally trying to get some definition. I have lost another 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks, so since surgery to date that is 22 lbs - I know that's not a great deal in 10 months but at least it has stayed off and going in the right direction, so I am very pleased - my ideal weight is to lose another 54 lbs, so I have still got a way to go yet.Work wise, I have an interview this afternoon, its only for some night work in a shop but the best thing is it will enable me to still care for Harry full-time thus saving on childcare fees and also I can continue with my studies, the best of all Worlds really and if it all goes to plan (never words said in vain!) I will get the required amount of sleep as well. I am hoping with the new exercise regime my energy levels will be better so I should be able to cope with the night work...we'll see and I'll post to let you know how I have done on the interview.4:40pmBack from the interview - it went fine - lovely young girl interviewed me and I managed to talk for England. Got chatting about Pituitary ops and funnily enough a friend of hers had a benign pit tumour removed...small World! I'll be surprised if I don't get the job, everyone was nice, I can work the hours I want, gonna get knackered doing it but we desperately need the money. Funny thing was I had to shadow someone for 10 minutes, turns out she was a 73yr old woman who worked for the prison servcie previously - how coincidental is that - I have an interview with the prison service on Monday!!!! Anyway, I'll know if I have the job by Friday. Fingers crossed!


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