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  1. Sarah, how are you feeling? I haven't checked on anyone in a long while. Update me on what's going on with you. How are your kiddos?

  2. Chardell, nice to hear from you! How are you doing? Send me an update, I'm out of the loop.

  3. Hey Kristin! Thinking about you.

  4. Hi Kristin! How are ya?

  5. Sorry, I like Gracie have been swamped. Can you add me as well? Kristin, Utah Pituitary surgery, University of Utah 4/15/2010 BLA, University of Utah 6/28/2010 Thanks everyone for contributing! It's wonderful to have so many experienced here to help! I couldn't have gotten this far without you all!!!! Hugs, Kristin
  6. Thanks for everyone who made this possible! I'm so overwhelmed with excitement! Dr. F. gave me my life back and being here will help so many more. I'll definately tune in! Question: Are there any experts in genetic testing for endocrine diseases? Some of us have so many family members that we are starting to worry about. If a marker was located and known to our docs, it seems that the fight for dx. wouldn't be so hard. Do you, Dr. F., take patients for such testing? Thanks again! Love, Kristin
  7. Robin, I think that makes sense to me. All I know is that I just switched and I have shifted out of the lull I was in losing weight/inches/symptoms. Now I'm on track again. Plus it will be easier to wean when I have to on this 10/5/5 instead of 15/2.5/2.5. I'm not one that can compare what three doses does as opposed to two though, just what happens when you are more balanced instead of taking a huge dose in the morning. How is work going? School has been back in for a while, are you coping well? Hugs, Kristin
  8. I have been on addisonssupport.com and they are super nice. This is where I found this information. However, there aren't as many people on there and it takes quite a while to get a response. I don't think that there is a view new content feature so you have to cruise around the boards to see new stuff. What others have you all found?
  9. I take 10 mg at 0530 and 5 mg at 1300 and 5 mg at 1800. I would call your doc and see if you can split yours first to 12.5/7.5/5. That is 25 mg though so you would be 1.125 less than you are used to. I couldn't wrap my brain around how you were taking 6.125 and couldn't divide it up right. You know what I mean though. Let us know what your doctor says. Hugs, Kristin
  10. I read this on the Addison's site I'm on the other day and I've tried it for two days now. My swelling is completely gone and tonight I'm down two pounds from Tuesday morning (and usually I don't weigh at night so tomorrow morning might even be better.) My rings are falling off of me. So I was taking 15/2.5/2.5 hydro with 0.1/0.05 Florinef in between the hydro doses. Now I take 10/5/5 and still the same fludro dose. I know it's a lot of times to remember but it is so far working for me. Here is the source of my lunacy! LOL! HC Dose Frequency Effects on Urinary Cortisol http://tox
  11. Never. I don't drink soda much at all but if I do it is the real thing Aspartame scares me. My mom drinks diet Coke and I try to tell her how bad it is but she is addicted.
  12. It might be good that he is a resident in a way. I'm sorry that you can't get a referral from him (can he talk to the doc that is over him and get his help?) However, this means that he should still be in contact with the professors and other residents. Maybe this study is still in progress or waiting for validation. Possibly we could put some of our docs in touch with the school. Are you going to continue to see him? If so I bet he will help you with referral. Hugs, Kristin
  13. I would definately like to see the research on this. Even if it is just one single paper. Why doesn't information like this get to the people who need it (like the docs that are running us into the ground with misdiagnoses). Maybe he will help you get to treatment for this! Thanks! Hugs, KRistin
  14. Mary, I'd love to do an interview now that I'm feeling better. I just can't find a tab that will let you know that, so I posted it here. Send me a message and we can work it out if you'd like. Thanks, Kristin
  15. Koo


    Mary, Is there anyway that we could buy the things that you still have, with extra for the site, without an online store? I had no idea you still had these things. Thanks, Kristin
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