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  1. Warmed over roadkill anyone?

  2. Still plodding along... :)

  3. Hey Hile, I sent you a PM but after seeing the full website (not mobile) I see your message. Yea... I guess I do! I'm doing ok. Had a CSF scare but either I don't have one or it's so small it's not worring the docs. :)

  4. Oh! Ok. I was watching one of Swedish's videos and I thought that he said when talking about put tumor, they were interchangable. Ok. I sit corrected (legs hurt too much to stand )
  5. Done! But I was under the impression that both "disease" and "syndrome" were interchangeable.
  6. Licence plate frame, messenger bag, lapel pin, hood sweatshirt, yea. I cant find any though!
  7. I couldnt find the pins in the store. Is there an official registry for causes and their ribbons? Would be funny, if we had to change it, to make it purple and white! The collection jugs are the SYMBOL of cushing's! And the grey I think is just for brain surgery, right?
  8. I would buy that one! Its not girly!ITS NOT GIRLY! I was going to sugest something on leather or a driver/cabby cap. http://gallery.me.com/iveybrandon/100008/c...=12724171550001 http://www.lids.com/pid/20136735 It wont let me post pics anymore for some reason.
  9. New here, but where can I find this book?
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