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  1. Thank you for posting this article MaryO. This is another article I am going to give to my husband to read. Katski sorry you are boarding the BLA train. It’s no fun.
  2. Hi Kathy, your son symptoms do sound like Cushing’s and with the three high 24-hour urines really point to the disease. From what I have read, there are people with Cushing’s that have never been able to get a positive high on a saliva test. Your son may be one of them. I am not sure how Kaiser Health care works. I would check into doing 4-6 midnight cortisol serums. http://jcem.endojournals.org/content/83/4/1163.long. He will have his blood drawn at the ER at the hospital. I was able to bypass the ER and the techs had me walk to there lab, so it was a painless process for me...others have had more difficult time having their blood taken at the ER for midnight testing.
  3. Talya, Colorado Pituitary Surgery #1 - May 2012 with Dr. McC. Two tumors - 1.5 cm and 3mm. August 2012, currently testing for surgery #2.
  4. I posted this link on my facebook page. Hopefully my friends and family will help Cushing's Awareness with "A Simple Click" !
  5. Sorry about the typos...brain fog is the pits!

  6. Sorry about the typos...brain fog is the pits!

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