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  1. Stem cell breakthrough could help infertile women Hundreds of thousands of infertile women could be given hope of becoming mothers after doctors discovered a way to create eggs using stem cells. By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent Last Updated: 3:38PM BST 12 Apr 2009 Researchers believe that they can produce new eggs in infertile women even if the ovaries are damaged or the woman has passed the usual age of conception. The technique involves transplanting stem cells into the ovaries and could work on the one in 10 women who suffer from infertility as well as those who want
  2. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job ladies!! Glad to read that he will be back.

  4. Great job ladies I loved it!! I am constantly amazed by the creativity of this board and the different ways we are able to reach out to people. Thank you! <3 Natalie
  5. Natalie! Been keeping an eye on your gallery from time to time. I love that 9 month post op picture of yours. You look beautiful! So glad to see you are on the right track!!!!

  6. I was wondering if anyone has been on the OHSU website and watched the new video lectures. I thought they were good and very interesting for anyone that wants to learn about this disease. http://www.ohsupituitary.com/patients/video.asp
  7. Great Article!! Mary, thanks for sharing. It sums up how difficult this disease is to diagnose, very well. I have sent it to my family in hopes that it will help them understand a bit better. Thanks again. Natalie
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