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  1. This is very exciting and a huge gift that you are giving to all of us. I hope the researcher can follow up with you and let you know what he learns about your family and how it might fit into the picture of Cushing's. You're all taking huge steps forward and making tremendous progress towards good health again. You are fantastic people to take the time to give back in this amazing way. Many thanks to each of you!! Bug
  2. Excellent job to both of you! I would have been SO nervous but you were both great--relaxed and remembering the details well. Thanks for the link and I look forward to the next shows! Bug
  3. Ellen,

    Thanks. I appreciate your help.

    Kate G

  4. Wow, Ellen, you are a wealth of knowledge, and I appreciate your help, support, and compassion to me. Love, Sallyt

  5. Here is something to munch on that all of us already know buckets about: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11842861/ Nice to see it in print, though. We can only hope that the medical profession takes itself to task and pushes to create guidelines docs ALL have to stick with. If I were a doctor-I'd find this article really discouraging news about my peers. I'd want them to buck up and wake up and do whatever it takes to change the stats. On the flipside of consumerism...we all know that WE have the power to change our own care by advocating for ourselves. Bug
  6. Hiya! I'm off to bed but saw your post... It is also known as Avandia-it is a drug that increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin. (an antidiabetic drug) I haven't used it and know no more about it than that...Has your doctor suggested it for you? Do you still have elevated blood sugars, even after surgery? Hope you are doing okay, Bug
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