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  1. So the Baby Magic should be safe for my babies? I just love the way they smell after those lavender baths! Thanks Dawn, you eased my mind.
  2. Thanks Ami, I'm checking it out. How are you?
  3. This was on the local news today. I am really interested in this as I am sort of a lavender freak myself...it is so calming and I use the lavender shea butter and lavender bath salts when I am needing some calm. But I think if it's affecting boys, it must be affecting everyone!
  4. I heard this too. We have all granddaughters and I love giving them baths in the lavender scented baby bath but if it does this to boys, what is it doing to girls...and everybody else?
  5. Awesome mother and wonderful friend!

  6. I sent the first article to my sister and she sent the sweetest, most compassionate letter back. Maybe she gets it? I think so, anyway. Thanks again, Mary. I am thinking of sending it to my HR department, too!
  7. I read this term "the ugly disease", in an article a couple of days ago. I'd never heard it before, but I do feel really ugly. But that's a self-perception maybe we all have. I know it's part of the reason I want to hide in my house and never go out! But I thought it was a really good article, too. I am going to forward it to my sister....maybe it will help her understand. Thanks Mary!
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