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  1. Hey Paige! Thanks so much for the updates on Nicole. I hope you are hanging in there too since your next surgery is next month. I will be thinking of you too when you get your second surgery. I hope things go fast so you can get it over with quick. You take care, I will make sure I will keep in touch with you too before and during your surgery.

  2. Good info... it's interesting they didn't mention doing serums of any kind (besides suppression). thanks for posting Mary!! Hugs, Paige
  3. Thanks for sharing the article... it was a good one! Hugs, Paige
  4. Thanks for the resource! Maybe I missed it... but I didn't see anything about midnight serum cortisols, just salivas. And it still seems as though they think cyclical Cushing's only happens in very rare circumstances. One of the doctors that helped publish this is from Mayo and the testing protocol fits what they did for me almost exactly. Paige
  5. Hey! My endo is acutally considering putting me in this research study... sounds kind of cool. Thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks for sharing this story... although it is so sad!! Especially when we know something could have helped this man so much sooner. Thanks for sharing!! I guess even though these stories are awful to read, they spread awareness... which is exactly what we need... Paige
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