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  1. you dont have to have skinny arms and legs i dont . you do have a hump i see.
  2. thyroid , cushings, growth hormone to name a few that can gain weight. What i have found is that eating very low carb and high protein can work for a while, but not long lasting i managed to lose 4 stone on low carb and still have all the other problems . It means that if you do have cushings or thyroid condition you have to work extra hard to keep it off .IM afraid that scotland is not the best place to have this condition i have been fighting for years for a diagnosis , i got so fed up of them saying eat less exercise etc etc etc , so now here i am had gastric sleeve a month ago, extreme way
  3. how are you? hope all, went well jox

  4. how are you lydia long time no see ? hope you are well im not on the site often myself now tc jo x

  5. How are you lydia ? i hope you are well "big hope" i gave up with it all for a while but thanks for the advice on the t3 as all my odema has almost gone pity about the rest anyway tc jo xx

  6. i have been on a low carb diet since january and have lost 3 stone and 4lbs so yes it does work but you need every bit of will power to do it only diet that has worked for me so far also liver tests look better
  7. armymp's i am very patriotic and love my Scotland lol if you ever come over let me know

    we are very welcoming and there is so much of Scotland i would like to visit also

    tc jo xx

  8. how you doing mel ?? and baby

  9. i was on depo for 9years but i had problems many years before i started taking this jo
  10. never drink fizzy or any kind of canned drinks never have fruity still water is as far as i go or tea /coffee
  11. how you doing kim? no sign of you lol

  12. thanks for friend invite hope all goes well take care jox

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