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  1. Welcome Pete. I hope you will join the boards and spend some time reading. There is a lot to learn. IMHO stress would not elevate your levels to that extent. I hope that you are getting some good follow-up care. Be well, Pat
  2. Welcome to the boards. Read read and then read some more. I hope your 24 turns out high but chances are that it won't. You need to be prepared to ask for the testing that you want done. This process can be long and tough. The only way to make it a little easier is to educate yourself and be ready and prepared to fight. Good luck, Pat
  3. Have you had a repeat MRI? I mention this because with my first tumor my prolactin levels were elevated but it was because of the tumor pressing on the gland not because the tumor was producing prolactin. Try to find a facility that will do a dynamic MRI. Gather all your records together do some research and if your current endo won't help you move on. Good luck, Pat
  4. Hi- I'm glad you found this board. Please spend some time and read as much information as possible. This will help in ruling Cushing's in or out. As mentioned you have the right to your own information. Also note that depending upon the type of insurance you have you may not need a referral to go to another doctor. It is a good idea to check into your policy at this point. Good luck, Pat
  5. Or is it both? Welcome Sara. I hope you will join us. You will find a lot of information on these boards. It will help you make educated decisions about your health care. Read as much as you can. What were your testosterone levels? Did they do a vaginal ultra sound? Know that taking estrogen will skew any test results for Cushing's Good luck, Pat
  6. Welcome Pam. Please join us. I love the curly hair thing. Mine has not only become curly but the color has darkened. I would suggest that you do some reading. It will help you. Read up on the dex suppression testing and why it is not the be all end all for cyclical cushings. Research the best testing methods for cyclical cushings. No offense bden13, but I have never had a positive 24 hour urine and I have had cushings a long, long time. Print out some of your research if you think this endo will be receptive. Don't be afraid to ask for the tests you would like to have done. If this doctor wants to help they will usually be open to that. Get and keep copies of all test records. Good luck, Pat Make sure to have your testosterone checked to rule out PCOS. You can have them both.
  7. Hi Ella- Please consider joining the site. You will find information on Cushing's as well as many other endocrine problems. One thing I would like to correct is "every story I've read suggests a person dies within the first few years without treatment". This is not true. In fact many people, particularly those with cyclical cushing's suffer for many, many years before getting diagnosed. There are endocrine diseases the exist in families. Look around the site for more information. What did you have brain surgery for? Be well, Pat
  8. Welcome Cindy- I am sorry that you have to be here. Sounds as if you have enough in your life without a health situation. As has been mentioned your cortisol levels can go up and down. One of the most important things you need to do is get copies of all your past records and keep them along with any future test results. That way maybe you can identify a pattern and make sure that the appropriate tests were done at the appropriate time. Be Well, Pat
  9. Good job. I will be thinking of you. Let us know, Pat An hour is a long time. Perhaps you should call the paramedics/911.
  10. You need to go to the ER. You are putting your life at risk. There is no one on this board who can help you in an emergency situation. Pat
  11. Pat, California. Pituitary Surgery #1: August 2000. Pituitary Surgery #2 December 2007. Currently testing for surgery #3.
  12. Lower cure rates, lower adenoma id, older patients, longer follow-up. This is a interesting paper. The prevalence and characteristic features of cyclicity and variability in Cushing's disease
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