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  1. Hi, My name is Ravi. I'm from India. I'm a practicing qualified Yoga Therapist & an Ayurvedic Acupuncturist. I also perfom the Nadi Pariksha, the Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. You could help me to help yourself. If you could highlight your symptoms, i could help you understand your problems. Ther is a possibility that you could even find yourself getting better fast. You may not get cuted completely. That would require me to check your pulse & I could tell you all your problems, without you telling me any of yours. This is not a tall claim. I have a list of 4520 patients in India & some abroad, who could vouch for this ancient science. This science understands the cause of ailments & treats them so that symptoms such as the one you are sufering from too, can be successfully eliminated for life. Namaste & regards, K.RAVISHANKAR Yoga Acharya Nadi Vidwan :)
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