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  1. There is no clear cut answer to anything involving Cushings. Everyone's journey and outcome is so different that nothing anyone says can be taken as gospel. I have gotten a remission out of one surgery. It also took me a long time to feel like myself taking off the weight and not feeling vulnerable physically. My memory was affected by the Cushings and I have not gotten back everything. I also cannot pull words and answers out of the air now and I do word puzzles to keep my mind sharper. it helps a little and I am older so I always have that excuse too.:-). For the record I had a microadenoma
  2. Sharon from Long Island-Pituitary Surgery Nov 2007 Mt Sinai Hospital New York City- in remission.
  3. Mertie this is interesting, especially for me since that is the facility that I went to for the sampling. It was 2 years later but Post(neuro) is still there at Mt Sinai and Dr Patel did my testing. The testing was not that bad and Dr Patel is nice, handsome, I might add and very comforting. I had the sampling as my tumor was not seen on MRI and my urine was never high--but the sampling brought out high acth #'s 5400 on the bad side. All is well- I am doing better thank goodness. Sharon
  4. Again, why did the other seven doctors not have a clue? I find this so hard to believe! Didn't cross their mind? Didn't learn enough in school to trigger anything? I'm sorry , excuses I can't buy. I still think it is prejudice against heavy people and the idea most of us cannot control ourselves in eating and getting enough excercise. The Todays show and all the other diet segments prove this. They totally dismiss illness as a cause. I directly ask my pcp and first endo is there any disease that makes you not be able to lose weight and was told absolutely not! Well, there you go
  5. Missed the live but listened a few hours later. LOVED IT!! You were both terrific, and I will be looking to many more podcasts. Thank you Robin and Mary! You did real good!!! Sharon
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