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  1. Hey Queen Dork of the Universe (as you call yourself). You are in my thoughts and prayers and I can't wait to talk to you when you get home!! I love you and miss you too! Get well!!

  2. that's insane!! And it worries me to death... Obviously 1.) Cushing's and 2.) DH (who carries the ins) naturally has high BP and Cholesterol .. is some weird hereditary thing and has nothing to do with his diet or weight. That seems really unfair!
  3. Hey girlfriend!! Love ya!!!

  4. Mary, I'd be interested in an Extra large if there is such a thing... my wrist is almost 9 inches... Is that an option?
  5. Carrin!!! Hope you are getting all settled form the storm now....




  8. Hey!!! YOu always rate a 5 in my book! Who are the crazies that gave you less!LOL... You have been such a good friend! I'm glad I met you! Thanks as always!

  9. I know when I first read this earlier in the week all I could think is she is a Doctor with a God complex and is sick of people coming to her asking to be tested for something she doesn't want to diagnose! I think Dr L's et all rebuttal was good too.
  10. For all of you that missed this show in September it will be airing again in October: Friday, Oct 19, 10PM (I think EST) and Saturday. Oct 20 1AM (EST?) Shashe
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