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  1. Yesterday I went on the 5 hour trip to Chicago. Dr Weiss seems to think there is a strong possibility that I have cushings. He took 13 tubes of blood to run some test and sent me home with 2 urine containers to do a 48 hour urine and he also sent me home with 2 Salivary containers to collect saliva in on midnight on Sunday. Dr weiss also took the time to hear me out. This dr looked at my horrible purple marks and said that they were straie and not from past pregnancies. He also noticed my swollen face and neck and that I have put on a lot of weight quickly. This Dr. gives me hope of having some real answers. Sorry to say I had a long trip home due to my blood pressure being high and feeling really naseauted all the way home. So now I will do the test that need to be done and wait for some answers. Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend.
  2. Hello everyone. Can't stand sitting at home anymore. Understand that I can't work with the drugs they put me on for pain but, Money is really tight and holidays are here. The time on me being sick is just the worst. I keep telling myself it may all be over soon. I hope every night that the next day will be the last day I am in pain. The Dr. in chicago is a cushings specialist so I am betting it all on him. Will let u know what happened when I get back.
  3. Well I am back at home again. Have been put on Medical leave for 30 days from work. I have an appointment with Dr. Weiss A cushing specialist in Chicago, IL on November 21, 2007. I hope he can help me get better. Any answer is better than nothing. My headaches are getting worse, my hair is falling out more and I have more nodules throughout my stomach that no one can explain. So wish me luck everybody.
  4. Today I have missed another day of work due to the mysterious thing going on with my body. I now have a lot of dark blue patches on my skin where if you touch them they are very painful. Under my skin in these places you can feel lumps about the size of a pea or something a little bit bigger. This started out as one and I now have at least 9. We only know this because I put an X everywhere there was a lump and counted them. Can't sleep at night because these things cause me pain in the night while I try to sleep . My headaches are getting worse and I am still gaining a lot of weight. I am surprised I am not bald yet because there is a lot of hair falling out. Still have not found a DR to hear me out. If anyone has some advice I would gladly take it.
  5. I am 28 yrs old and almost tired of fighting. I have been to numbers of Docs who all start out with I am to fat and lazy and I just have migranes. I was sent to a Neuro on Friday who said the same but said I have an abnormal MRI that shows lesions and such. I have High Blood Pressure, Hair falling out on scalp, hair growing on face and such, horrible headaches,vision problems recently, dry skin, easily bruised, straie, Mood swings, anxiety, Insomnia, fatigue, Humpback has started, missed periods, I have a swollen lympnoid and today I left work in an Ambulance because I was dizzy and my eyes I was told were glassy looking and then my boss caught me and said we are calling an ambulance. When I got to the hospital I called my doc and he said he would look at the notes tomorrow. I stayed at the hospital for hours and after triage I was sitting for 3 hours and nothing. Then finally I asked How much longer and they stated at least 4 more hours of waiting. By this time my breathing had gotten back to normal and my heart no longer felt like it was going to bounce out of my chest. So why did this happen? No one can tell me. I got a call from the Neuro today telling me that he is not going to waste money running the 24 hour unrine test for my Cortisol level. He then said he could tell by looking at me I do not have Cushings of any kind. The research I have done tells me that this DR can't possibly tell by just looking at me. And he only seen me that one time. Desperate to know the answers to all of this. Not sure where to start.Blueangel362000@yahoo,com
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