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Scott Hamilton on Today Show

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did anyone see Scott Hamilton on the Today Show yesterday Morning (Wednesday) ....i saw the second half of his report with Katie Couric.


He talked about having a brain tumor, mentioned the optic nerve and hypothalmus but really went into talking about UVA and Dr. Laws who was one of the best surgeons in the world and how wonderful Dr. Laws was to him.....he also talked at length abou the Gamma Knife (which he had done) explained how it is like a football helmet drilled into your head (katie got real freaked out) and how the rays are pin pointed from different directions to the brain ............


Im not sure exactly where the tumor was as i missed the first part of the interview. His tumor is smaller and supposedly better.


Anyone else see this??



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I did not see Scott on the Today's Show but did he mention what type of tumor it was? If it is a pit tumor and he had cushings, he could be a most excellent spokeperson for cushings because he has a radiant personality on and off the ice. If he did not say anything, perhaps he is not saying or does not know yet and will give details later. He is a neat guy who has had his issues to deal with. I admire him greatly.





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I saw him on the Today Show. It was interesting. He doesn't have Cushings. He said his tumor is a craniopharyngioma. He chose the gamma knife treatment because surgery was not an option. He said with surgery, he "would not come out as the same person." Because the tumor is attached to his optic nerve and causing vision problems, it sounded like surgery could cause him to lose his vision completely or possibly have other severe problems. He said the good news is that the gamma radiation had turned the tumor from solid to liquid, so they will be able to go in and remove the fluid in a procedure similar to the biopsy he had.



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