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Since I am also a member of the Addison's Boards in the UK I just received their Newsletter with some very interesting information for us who take Hydrocortisone.


Check out this website for more information on a new hydrocortisone product that is only taken once a day and mimics the natural cortisol circadian rhythm.


I am very very excited about this development.


It is strange but my endos all think that I should be doing wonderfully, but I am usually not feeling all that well. It has been almost 2 years since surgery and I have had about 3 good months. When I read on the above website that people replacing cortisol with HC have side effects, all of the listed ones seemed to be true for me.


It talks about morning tiredness, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, and impaired libido. Since last week's AI episode I have really not felt well, and I am afraid that my fatigue is going to end in another crisis. I feel that I am constantly balancing my levels that never seem to be just right, therefore I don't feel well.


There is another Swedish pharmaceutical company that is also developing a new drug called: DuoCort. I have not checked out their website, but I am sure their dual-release tablets are also very promising.


Maybe this is not new information for you all, but I thought I would post it in case you had not heard of it before.



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Thanks for sharing!

I've often wondered how the body uses the chemicals we are missing---it would be great if a pill could mimic what nature does automatically.

(I was awake at 3:30 am today---and finally got up at 5 am. It's weird that it's now 7:20---and I'm still up---and not only have I been "up"---I've been accomplishing things! I'm wondering if the fistful of potassium tablets had something to do with me feeling a bit more energetic.)

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