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Dental Hygeine

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Guest terry jackon1

Someone doesn't think our "dental hygeine" topic is that important.

It's all relative.


Maybe it can just be included in "Help Yourself."


So you can pitch the whole topic and if I have anything new to add I'll just add it "help yourself." ? And I will not hesitate to add anything new.


Simply because steroids do take the calcium away from our bones/teeth. ?And being older than most here and having ostepenia (not osteoporosis), these are my concerns right now. ?Now Ostepenia has also become a popular diagnosis when you're in you're early 50's.  It's called the "silent disease."  My GP says it's from all the prednisone I've taken.


hehe.gif ?hehe.gif ?hehe.gif ?hehe.gif ?:wow: ?:wow: ?:wow: ?:wow:

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WHO doesn't think dental issues isn't an important forum?  Just because it's not the most heavily posted in forum, doesn't mean it doesn't matter.


I've seen people post the same question in several forums - sometimes the question is pertinant to the topic, sometimes not.  Does that mean we should get rid of those ones that aren't pertinant?


Things are good as is, and I think we should be thankful that we have all the options we do have.

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