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Hypothyroidism Vs Adrenal Fatigue


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With all the discussion lately of people finding out they have hypothyroid problems when searching for cushing's I have been doing a little digging around myself on other forums to try and keep an open mind about everything.


I found this interesting article on Hypothyroid V Adrenal Problems on another forum. Some might find interesting.

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Hi, Becsta,


Thank you for the site. I printed some of the lists of symptoms off. I like to have them when I'm trying to find out what I'm dealing with. The one comparing hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue is really good for me to know / have since I have hypothryoidism and Addison's, and I often wonder what's causing what symptom when.


Thanks, again. Good stuff.



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Just a question with this, does anyone know if you can get high midnight saliva's with adrenal fatigue? I get a lot of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue (mostly in a low) but isn't adrenal fatigue when the body isn't producing enough cortisol? Just trying to rule this out as I seem to fit quite a few symptoms in this one.

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