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Interesting stuff on endocrine disruptors, pollutants and

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I had a statistics instructor from Turkey. He always commented on the sex ratio of males to females in America during certain years and said it was really strange because it couldn't occur naturally. He would laugh about how there were 20 women to every man here. When I saw this it made me think. You can't attribute it to the viet nam war or any of the other factors they always cite, especially when you look at the actual casualties of that war. Then you see this so called obesity epidemic. Ya gotta wonder.


This http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin-like_growth_factor_1 led to this.


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I think there has to be something to this. There is just no natural explanation for a huge increase in the number of females in my generation and you just can't deny the disastrous effect its had not only on women but our entire culture. This is my opinion so anyone can disagree, but I don't think there would be so much exploitation, so much divorce, depression, substance abuse, broken families, family violence, homelessness, spoverty, suicide, abused neglected children or many of the things that have led to our decline. It's just not a natural healthy thing for people, especially females, to be alone, especially in the later years of her life and there are so many of them. In years past, people didn't live this long and even then there was provision for the widow and orphan. Society enforced fidelity and commitments and people were required to take care of their families and obligations. The imbalance in the sex ration has led to an imbalance in power across the board. If it was anything but humans, say a colony of meerkats or elephants, and the behavioralist talked about the sociological effects of there not being enough males, everyone would acknowledge the problem, but since it's human beings they've been writing one b.s. article after another about what the reasons are for so many single women-most of the time blaming it on the women. It's because of the sex ratio of 20 to 1, and when I say 20 to 1, I mean viable males compared to viable females. Viable as in marriage or father material, someone who can head a family and take care of others as well as himself. Most of them are either in prison, addicted, gay, or just mentally or emotionally incapable of taking care of himself much less being a meaningful part of anyone else' life. I see a lot more mother and sister-in-law interference in relationships today than before, and I think, again, it's the lack of strong viable males that creates that angst on part of the female family members. Plus, the guy knows he can do what he wants and get away with it because there's always another desperate female waiting in line. So the wife or girlfriend either puts up with the abuse or gets replaced. She either tolerates the cheating, bizarre abusive sexual demands, refusing to work, etc. or else.

It's so interesting that, from what I hear, the ratio is exactly the opposite in Australia with many more men than women. I wonder what it's like over there...

Just wanted to say that. LOL.

And I think the pollutants are probably what's causing the obesity and pituitary/endo dysfunction epidemic.

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