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A couple interesting medical websites

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I found a couple websites you might enjoy. I learned a lot from both of them. I really like the first one called arupconsult. Look for the tab that says "Diagnostic Algorithum" under the topic you choose. It has a tree, that basically gives ideas on what to test for. I even found some new tests I can ask the Dr for like Metyrapone and 11-Dexcortisol to rule out some adrenal possibilites for a diagnosis. Lots of info on pituitary and Cushing's.



Just click on the far left of the screen where the letters are to find a topic.


This one will give you a lot of info and more if you join their site. You can suscribe to a monthy membership but I found lots of good info free






sorry about the double post. I cant seem to delete the extra one. Had a computer glitch. Thanks!!

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Wow. Now I really don't know what to think. According to the algorithum, I'm not cushie because I don't get high midnite salivaries & I suppressed dex.


Don't let the info you found deter you from testing or make you think that you dont have Cushing's. Keep testing.





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