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Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior: What does the Pituitary Have to do with These?


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PNA Webinar Now Available OnLine

We are delighted to inform you that the Pituitary Network Association?s inaugural webinar, ?Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior: What does the Pituitary Have to do with These?? is now available on our website at http://www.pituitary.org/library/library_detail.aspx?page_id=2410.


The webinar marked the launch of a series of regular Internet-based programs aimed at informing, educating and empowering patients, family members and healthcare professionals to achieve accurate diagnosis and obtain effective treatment for pituitary disorders. We gratefully thank our webinar sponsors, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals and Genentech.


We hope you will take the time to watch the webinar if you missed it, or review the information again. In addition, you may want to pass this link onto your friends and family so they, too, have the opportunity to hear this valuable presentation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (805) 499-9973.


The Pituitary Network Association is here for you, and we thank you for your interest and support.


Linda M. Rio, MA, MFT





Linda M. Rio, MA, MFT

Pituitary Network Association

Director of Professional and Public Education




My Blog: http://lindamrio.com/blog/



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Thanks MaryO for posting this --- you beat me to it!


This topic is so important to every Cushie out there. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are a big component to this disease and I hope that folks take the opportunity to attend the webinar.

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