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Interview with Robyn Y (2ndtimecushie), Recurrent Pituitary Patient, June 15 at 5:00 PM eastern

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Robyn was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in 2004 and had 2/3 of her pituitary removed. This was after 8 years of going from doctor to doctor and thinking she was going to go crazy.


She writes: "Anyway, after my surgery in February of 2004 I had probably a good three years and then I slowly started feeling bad again. I am now going through what I did 8yrs ago. My endocrinologist doesn't think that the Cushing's is back because of my tests being borderline. He told me that he thinks I am obese and I need to have stomach surgery. I seriously cried for days and told him that I disagreed and I wasn't going to give up...I need support in following through with the tests that I need to. Like I said I have been putting them off because subconsiously I am so worried that they will tell me that I don't have the Cushing's back and I will have to live like this the rest of my life. Tired of being so heavy and uncomfortably large, sweating to the point of dripping, aching all over and not having any desire or motivation to do anything.


I'm praying the tests come back showing that the tumor is back and they will go in and take the rest of the pituitary out."




Read Robyn's complete bio


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