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All signs lead to Cushing's!?!

Guest Steph


Hi there I am a 30 year old woman and I have been living for years now with a set of symptoms that I never knew where they came from until I watched an episode of mystery diagnosis on T.V.

I was always a average sized person before having children, then after my last child I started putting on a large amount of weight primarily around my mid section and face. I have quite a noticeable hump at the base of my neck, I (and my family) had just assumed that I could not loose the weight. I also have, here we go High blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased hair, hair loss (on my head), severe headaches, severely decreased libido, mood swings,anxiety and the list goes on there isn't a symptom that I do not have to be honest!

I took myself to the doctor last year and she to be honest had no idea what I was talking about, She however did a blood test that came back within the normal range.

I was almost deflated that I did not have a reason for what is going on with me.!! I also have a thyroid condition and she just seemed to think that that was the cause to all of my problems! She said that I needed to go on a diet and exercise! I have a very small appetite and have tried every form of exercise in the book with very little results!

I just last week returned to the the doctor (different one same practice) complaining of increased back and chest pain and he believes that further investigation is warranted and is now continuing with what the prior doctor had started! I am now waiting on the results for the 24 hour Urinary Cortisol test to see where I go from here!


It may seem strange but I am praying to finally know what has been causing so many problems in my life including my now very fragile marriage, to be able to point a finger at something would allow me to start the healing process!


If anyone else is in a similar predicament to myself I would love to hear from you!!

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Hi Steph and welcome! You are in a good place for support, information and understanding. Your symptoms do sound very suspicious for cushings. Please know that cushings cannot be proven or dismissed by only one or two tests---you'll need tons and tons.


Please stick around here and read all you can and ask any questions you might have. It can seem strange to actually want this disease, but when you are desperate for answers it is warranted. I prayed and prayed for my pit tumors to be found on mri and congratulate anyone who finds their tumor.


Best of luck to you and please keep us posted.




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Welcome to the boards. Read read and then read some more. I hope your 24 turns out high but chances are that it won't. You need to be prepared to ask for the testing that you want done. This process can be long and tough. The only way to make it a little easier is to educate yourself and be ready and prepared to fight.

Good luck,


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Well results came back normal and although my doctor says that I symptom wise look like a classic case for cushing's it is frustrating getting a negative result on the urine test! He wants to do another 24 hour urine test but I don't know if there is a point! He said my next step is to see an endocrinologist. Where do I go from here?

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