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Solu-Cortef® Shortage

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  • Chief Cushie
Pfizer has been experiencing a supply issue for our life saving drug Solu-Cortef® and many in our community have been unable to find it. According to Pfizer they will soon be back to "normal" production rates. (projected end of June) However, we understand that some of you are still unable to fill your prescriptions and are out or will soon be out and need more.
We will be sharing all we know so far about this shortage and our suggestions for obtaining the medication. Here you can see a copy of their initial letter about the problem.
Understanding Pfizer's process to obtain the medication
What to do when their process doesn't work
Understanding Pfizer's process to obtain 50 or 100 mg Solo-Cortef in the Act-O-Vial
While some pharmacies may still have the medication others will need to order it and due to the supply issue Pfizer is requiring a form. This form must be filled out by your doctor or pharmacist. It has space for an electronic signature (Either your doctor or the pharmacist must sign it). The form must be emailed to PISupplyContinuity@pfizer.com
Pfizer has sent letters to the Endocrine Society, Pediatric Endocrine Society, and Pharmacy organizations outlining the process to get Solu-Cortef®.
IMPORTANT: The form is for emergency use only. Meaning your are out of soul-cortef or will be out soon.
If requesting overnight delivery the form must arrive by 3:00 CT M-F. There is a $25 (plus additional $ based on weight) fee for overnight shipping. While the pharmacy may charge the patient for this service we do not know if insurance will cover that additional cost so if possible it's best to get this form filled out and sent before you run out.
A physician or pharmacy is also able to call the supply continuity team M-F by 6:00 p.m. CT at 1-844-646-4398. Tell them to pick "Option 1" - customer then "Option 3" - supply continuity.
Pfizer will NOT work directly with the patient through this number.
What to do when their process doesn't work
If your physician or pharmacist has filled out the form and called the supply continuity team and you still can't get your medication email us with the following: Pharmacy name, address and phone number. Your name and date of birth.
We also have a google doc where we are tracking the issue we encourage you to share your data with us. Names are optional, but we encourage use of this form to help us track the problem on a larger scale.
Other ideas
Ask the pharmacist if they are able to get Solu-Cortef® in the powder form or in a different dose. If yes, then ask your physician to write a script for the option they have available. Be sure to get the new dosing and mixing instructions as they may change due to the higher/lower dose.
Some of our members who are not salt wasting use a Dexamethasone injection as their emergency medication. There is also a solu-medrol act-o-vial. Ask your doctor if one of these would work for you or your loved one until the Solu-Cortef can be obtained. If you are salt wasting you still may be able to use dex or medrol. Be sure ask your doctor what to do to replace your mineralocorticoids during a crisis.
If your local hospital has a pharmacy try to fill your prescription there.
One of our members was able to get her prescription filled and mailed from Canada.
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