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Cushing’s Syndrome: A New Drug Allows You To Avoid Surgery

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In Italy it is estimated that there are about 3,000 patients suffering from Cushing’s syndrome, while in Europe the number rises to over 50,000.

The Cushing’s syndrome, a disease caused by the excessive production of cortisol by the pituitary gland due to a benign tumor of the gland, has seen a breakthrough in its treatment. Thanks to a new drug called osilodrostat, approved in 2020 by the Food and Drug Administration and subsequently by Aifa in Italy, patients unfit for surgery can benefit from a treatment that offers the same effects as a scalpel. Furthermore, this drug reduced symptoms in 80% of cases.

Cushing’s syndrome has been dubbed “full moon face disease” due to its most obvious visible effects, such as a rounding of the face caused by fat accumulation and visible weight gain also on the waist and back. Despite its symptomatic relevance, the disease has long been poorly understood by both healthcare professionals and the general public. To raise awareness of this syndrome, the #Thiscushing campaign has been launched, which aims to spread knowledge about the disease. The campaign recently stopped in Rome, during the Congress of the Italian Society of Endocrinology (SIE), where a photographic exhibition was organized which represents moments of daily life of people affected by Cushing’s syndrome and their difficulties.

Despite the debilitating symptoms, Cushing’s syndrome is often underdiagnosed, resulting in delays in diagnosis of up to 5-7 years. The disease presents a wide range of symptoms, ranging from difficulty performing even simple daily activities such as tying your shoes or getting out of bed, to common manifestations such as high cholesterol, hypertension and hyperglycemia, which can be confused with symptoms of other less common pathologies. serious. It is for this reason that the EIS experts are appealing for the inclusion of Cushing’s syndrome in the list of rare pathologies recognized by the Ministry of Health, in order to facilitate timely diagnosis and faster access to the necessary treatments.

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