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Webinar: Dr. Theodore Friedman (The Wiz) will giving a webinar on Updates on Treating Hypothyroidism


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YOU’RE INVITED!  A4M/Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI) Webinar on Updates on Treating Hypothyroidism

Dr. Theodore Friedman (The Wiz) will giving a webinar on Updates on Treating Hypothyroidism

Topics to be discussed include:

  • New articles showing patients prefer desiccated thyroid
  • Moving away from a TSH-centered approach
  • New thyroid hormone preparations, including Adthyza
  • •Does biotin affect thyroid tests?
    •Hypothyroidism diet?
  • What is the difference between desiccated thyroid and synthetic thyroid hormones?
  • Is rT3 important?

Wednesday • August 2, 2023  • 4 PM PDT
register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_kRyqZFlrSgKj54CuK7OQqQ
Slides will be available on the day of the talk here
There will be plenty of time for questions using the chat button. 
For more information, email us at mail@goodhormonehealth.com
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