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Dr. Theodore Friedman Will Be Giving a Brief Update on Growth Hormone Replacement


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Dr. Theodore Friedman will be giving a brief update on growth hormone replacement, then answer your questions about endocrine issues.

He can not give specific medical advice and this does not replace making an appointment, but he can answer your questions on any endocrine topic including:

  • Cushing's disease
  • Adrenal insufficiency/Addison's
  • Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's
  • Graves' Disease
  • Menopause
  • PCOS
  • Growth hormone deficiency
  • Hypopituitarism


For both existing and potential patients.

Sunday • January 21, 2024  • 6 PM PST
Please join using the links below
https://www.facebook.com/goodhormonehealth/  or Via Zoom Click to join the meeting
meeting ID 420 968 7343, passcode 111116
Slides will be available on the day of the talk here. 

For more information, email us at mail@goodhormonehealth.com
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