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  • Chief Cushie

CafePress, where we get the T-Shirts and other stuff, is changing it's Terms of Service to something unacceptable to me on July 1.  Among other things, they would own the use of our logos and images and we couldn't use them anywhere else without a possible lawsuit.


There are several other clauses that I don't like at all, so if they don't change their TOS by the end of this month, I'm going to close these stores down - theoretically, they can chage me $25 each to shut them down, too.  Possibly $125 - more than the total profit that these brought in in the first place :(


Anyway, if you want any of this stuff, now's the time to get it. Cushing's Store


Sue found a nice site for buttons and such.  Maybe we could get embroidered polos and denim shirts from there.

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This sucks!




One of the nicest things about this store was that we didn't have to purchase hundreds of items to resell... ?


Not acceptable at all!!!!!  The logos and images belong to us!  Not Sharing or Giving Away  Thank you very much!!!!!!!!


Poop :exclaim:

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BTW, Mary, did you check out 'how to send art and logo' at the store I found?  




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  • Chief Cushie

To help kick off the new year, they are having a Winter Sale. Now through January 16th, customers can save $4 when they purchase over $35 worth of merchandise by using coupon code ILOVE2004.


If you're thinking of getting a Tshirt or something else to take to UVa, maybe this is the time to get it, while the sale is on.  Cushie Store

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