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Insomnia gets so boring. I keep running out of things to do, especially during the night. I don't want to wake everyone up by moving around the house too much so I pretty much stay in my room. All I do is color, read these posts, IM a couple of my friends, play games on here, etc...


I really never thought that the internet would get to be so boring but it's all I really have to keep me occupied other than of course coloring.


I'm starting to get tired of watching movies all night every night. This is just getting to be old really quick.


I think my main problem is, is that I'm so tired of being sick all the time. It just isn't no fun being sick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And I'm beginning to think that I actually feel a little better with less sleep. Because when I was sleeping all the time it would take me hours to be able to function at a semi-normal pace but now when I finally fall asleep I'm only able to sleep about 3 to 4 hours, 5 if I'm lucky. And when I wake up it doesn't take me nearly as long to start to be able to function at a semi-normal level.


Nine more days and then I get to go and see Dr. Maria Fiseriu at OHSU. Hopefully, she'll be able to prescribe me something to help me so that I sleep at night. I miss being able to lie down in the dark and wake back up in the daylight. Right now its the opposite I wake up (if I end up falling asleep at some point) when it is dark outside and I end up going to bed (if I'm lucky) during the daylight. I can't even keep track of the word day anymore.


This is just ridiculous. Can't wait for it to be over.

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Reading your entry makes me know exactly how you feel. I would lie awake for basically the whole night flipping through the TV channels, trying to find something new to look at on the internet. I was still working full time while going through all of this and so I would just go work at like 5:30am. My co-workers joked that once I started coming in at 4am they would start getting worried. I am still amazed that my body, anyone's body, can still function with so little sleep. Insomnia is the worst and it did not help my depression at all. I found that time in the dark hours of the night was a time to reflect about all the awful things I was dealing with. I am hoping you find some answer soon.

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