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I know that apart of this terrible disease is depression and I've learned to deal with that for the most part. But what am I suppose to do when I feel so secluded from everyone?


In the beginning I was pretty much secluded from my friends and people that wanted to be around me but now I'm just secluded by everyone in general. In the beginning I was secluding myself by choice, well not exactly by choice but I had the opportunity to join in conversation and stuff like that with other human beings.


And now that I've moved to my dads it's like I'm in an almost complete seclusion from everyone. And not necessarily by choice either. All I do is spend all of my time in my room and let me tell you TV, movies, and this damn internet get boring after awhile.


I'm not even invited to go anywhere to do anything anymore, I just sit here and pretty much co-exist. Shawn is always on the go when she doesn't have to work but never invites me to go with her to like the store or anything anymore. I mean tonight I was sitting at the dinning-room table and her and Marissa went to the store, she didn't even bother to ask if I'd like to go along with them. Marissa didn't even want to go, she would have much rather preferred to stay home but was forced to go anyhow. While here I am willing to go anywhere.


I just don't know what to do anymore....I guess I just have to deal with this along with the many other things that I have to deal with at the moment.


Eventually, I will be NORMAL again. And live a NORMAL life.


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