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So Really Doc....What Is Wrong With Me?



Dr. "Mc.G" sat in his round little "Doctor's" Chair and listened to me prattle on and on about this documentary that I had seen on the National Geographic Channel with the most comical look on his face.....I'm willing to bet he thought I was a hypochondriac at that moment.....or that maybe I was ready to head on out to Butner.....(Mental health hospital in Durham, NC) But, boy was I wrong...he actually was listening to me.....Good God.....I had my foot in the door.


He had my blood drawn ...(For what seemed to be the 5th hundred time), and had it checked for a hormone called ACTH.....he also had me do a 24 hour Urine collection to determine what my Cortisol level was....Here's where this whole Cushing's thing gets complicated....


SO,my first round of test came back....and they were a doozy...


My ACTH was sky high....and my 24 hour Urine Free Cortisol test came back at 68.5 The normal reference range by the way is <45.0..... Dr. McG. scheduled an appt. for me with a new specialist....an Endocrinologist.


What did Dr. Ellison (the Endo) have to say?


Stay tuned...



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